Satellite Technology Ahead of its Time

Virtual Geo’s architecture places its satellites in space in elliptical orbits that mimic geosynchronous satellites’ behavior at a lower altitude. This architecture design gives VGEO the ability to reuse spectrum which unleashes a myriad of high bandwidth applications for the connected world at a lower cost while also supporting unserved areas.

Virtual Geo
Non-Virtual Geo

Design features that make Virtual Geo architecture superior

Emulation of geo effect at a lower altitude for consistent data transmission and lower overall latency

Very high elevation angles from points at temperate latitudes

Exceptionally high elevation angles at extreme latitudes, where other geo satellites fail

Over 40 degrees of angular separation from the geo arc, allowing the complete reuse of all spectrum previously allocated to geos

Operation throughout a hemisphere via a single hop. From a single point in the United States, a single station can communicate to and from everywhere in the hemisphere, greatly benefitting military applications and UAV missions

Virtual Geo Orbit System

The Virtual Geo elliptical medium-altitude orbit system offers wide area coverage for optimum efficiency, scalability, and additional capabilities not provided by most circular orbit systems. This enables the next generation of broadband broadband services and apps.